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Best Camping Hammock Straps

While a cheap tent might leave you with a wet night, a cheap hammock or cheap hammock straps might break and leave you laying on the ground in the middle of the night. If you are lucky, you aren’t injured. These aren’t things to skim on. In this article we’ll take a look at what you should be looking for in a set of camping hammock straps.

Buyers Guide

With the advent of more comfortable and relaxing hammocks nowadays, finding a good pair of straps for them is mandatory if the best experience is what you are looking for.

Type of Strap

Hammock suspensions come in various sizes, strengths and different materials. Regardless of all this, choosing the best strap for your bed is mandatory. Strong support is what you want to stay stable and well suspended above the ground as you relax.

Hammock StrapsWilsonlin45

Tree Straps

Hammock tree straps are the most popular and effective method of hanging a hammock. They are typically nylon straps that are between 3/4” and 1” wide. Some have s-hooks at the end that you attach to and some have loops built in to allow easy adjustments.


The most traditional and basic method is knot tying. Ropes are usually knot-based, which requires a bit of practice to be able to tie a perfect and a strong one. If you are looking to buy a rope as a hammock strap, you should probably know that it will take lots of time not to mention that without the master of tying perfect knots, chances are you might end up getting disappointed.

Another thing to discuss with ropes is that they can really do some damage to trees. With such a small area touching the tree, the pressure is much higher and can crack and pull of tree bark.

Apart from the ropes and straps, there are several homemade hardware based suspensions, which include ring buckles, finger nines, among other accessories. These systems are beyond the scope of this article.

Weight capacity

While choosing the hammock suspensions or straps, considering the weight capacity of the system is very important. You should always consider the maximum weight of the bed and your weight as well. Keep in mind that the weight capacity listed are normally static loads. This means that if you are are close to the load listed, moving around might push you past the recommended loads.

Loading the hammock with more than its required weight will put lots of strain on the straps, leading to them possibly break. Even if they don’t snap, their lifespan will be significantly reduced.


The whole point of buying hammock straps is for a stable and strong suspension, and if you can’t buy the best there are, you are as good being without them. It is important that you check their strength to determine how durable they are. The best are those that go for days or months without stretching or tearing; they are the ideal choice for frequent camping or traveling.

If you have no idea which strap is the strongest, look for those made of polyester. Their webbing is extremely sturdy and hardly stretches regardless of the weather one uses them.

Away from the material, you should also consider the stitching the straps have. Double stitched or triple stitched seams are the best, and they guarantee strength and durability.


Many at times when one is going camping or hiking, they have no idea how close the trees are or the anchor points for that matter. This is one of the reasons why getting longer straps is preferred.

The most ideal are those that are above ten feet long as they fit almost everywhere.

Weight of Straps

Apart from your weight and the weight capacity of the hammock, the weight of the straps should also be considered especially when backpacking is what you often do. Lightweight straps are also a perfect choice for hiking, skiing or any other outdoor activity you are looking to do. The more lightweight and smaller the straps are; the less room they will occupy in your backpack.

Luckily, some reputable brands provide straps that are not only are light but very strong and durable. Therefore, they make the most convenient and easiest to carry accessories when one is out on a camping expedition.

Nonetheless, should you feel that they are not strong enough, you can always double up the straps.


Another important factor you need to consider before purchasing a hammock strap is versatility. Why? Tree’s aren’t always around or maybe you’re spending the night in a shelter and want to hang from the roof rafter. In general, going with straps that are strong and weatherproof will serve you well.

Other things to consider are the tree friendliness, the price, the type of hammock and the ease of set up. Because ropes take lots of time and require patience, you might want to consider other options that don’t involve the tedious task of knot tying.

Ropes also harm trees, especially when weight is exerted on the hammock. Good straps that are durable and are of high quality may come at a higher price, but they are worth it.

Best Hammock Strap

Eagles Nest Outfitters – Atlas Suspension System

The Atlas Suspension System is one of the best-selling hammock straps, and although they are extremely portable, they feature a total of 30 adjustments when they are all combined. They are all 9 feet long and are products of poly-filament webbing, making them not only strong, but tree-friendly as well. They have a daisy chain design that allows one to carry out any customization he or she prefers in a hammock regardless of where they hang it.

Impressively, these straps support 400 lbs. They are also very easy to set up, adjust or take down. They can also fit roof racks, rocks, and boats.


  • Made of polyester straps with steel carabiners that make them durable
  • Are long, lightweight and have a high weight capacity


  • The notches are sometimes tear apart, especially after several uses

Winner Outfitters Hammock Hanging Straps

If you are looking for the best hammock strap, the Winner Outfitter Hammock Hanging Straps is your solution. With each strap having a total of 16 loops, they are long enough and can hold a surprising 700 pounds! It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are going to attach them; these straps are strong and durable.

The straps, however, do not come with carabiners or hooks; they can be purchased separately. Attached to posts, roof racks or car racks, these straps will keep you suspended the whole night, and if you feel that your hammock height isn’t good enough, with their ease of adjustability, you can achieve the desired height quickly. They are weatherproof and do not stretch even when it is raining, making them great for camping and hiking.


  • Are lightweight and durable
  • Easy to set up, adjust and pack
  • Do not harm trees


  • Hooks and carabiners are proprietary

Best Straps for Hiking with Hammocks

MalloMe XL Hammock Straps

The MalloMe XL straps are the best for hiking, and they feature a length of twelve feet with a breaking point of 1400 pounds and have 40 connection points. They are the best on the market and offer versatility like no other. You can use them to hang your hammock on trees, posts, rock masses, boat masts, even on the docks!

These straps are weatherproof and do not stretch even when wet, this ensures that your bed remains strong throughout the relaxation period. Nonetheless, the MalloMe XL Hammock Straps are fully adjustable. One can easily manipulate them if the orientation they set isn’t comfortable enough. They also come accompanied with carabiners and a free bag upon purchase.


  • They are long, lightweight and have an attractive look of white
  • Easy to set up, strong and versatile
  • They come with two free carabiners and a bag


  • The carrying bag is small
  • The carabiners could be higher quality

Nature’s Hangout Hammock Straps

They are no doubt the best hiking and backpacking hammock straps, which are highly rated and used by many. Nature’s Hangout hammock straps make camping very easy with their ultra-light capability and how quickly you can set them up. They need no complicated notes and come with a good length of ten feet.

Nature’s Hangout straps are so strong that they support a maximum weight of 2200 pounds. They have 16 adjustable loops for convenience and are tree friendly. With no stretch polyester, they are bound for strength and on purchase, you get a free carrying pouch. They are versatile and can be suspended on boulders, posts, trees, roof racks or anywhere one wishes regardless of the length.


  • Are ultralight and strong
  • Have a good range and offers easy setup
  • They have a money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty


  • Carabiners are proprietary
  • They come only in black; there is no other color option

Straps come in various options based on their strength, material, and length among other variations. Choosing the best goes a long way in making your camping, backpacking or hiking an excellent experience. With the above guide and review of the best hammock straps, your search for a hammock strap has come to an end.

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