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Best Tactical Backpack

If you’re shopping for the best tactical backpack, it’s important to find one that you can truly rely on. In order to find one that you can truly depend on, it’s best to find one that will work best for your specific situation and circumstance.

Many people need a tactical backpack for their work in the military or in law enforcement. Others require tactical backpacks for various reasons such as hiking, survival training, camping, wildlife rescues, hunting, ‘bug out’ and more.

Tactical backpacks offer more than the average backpack. It isn’t like those old high school book bags that you had to tote everyday. A hardback book won’t rip a hole into a tactical backpack. These bags are made out of tough materials that are designed to withstand the forces of nature.

Our Top List: Best Tactical Backpacks

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Tactical Backpack Buying Guide

Fabrics and Materials

While searching for a tactical backpack, it’s a great idea to take note of the material and fabric construction. This is likely one of the most important aspects in the intricate examination process. The materials and fabrics that the tactical backpack consists of will determine exactly how durable and reliable that the bag truly is.

You don’t want anything that will fall apart, do you? Then examine the materials and fabrics.

The strongest types of fabrics for tactical bags and backpacks are as follows: Canvas, Nylon, Cordura Nylon, Rip-Stop Nylon and Polyester. These fabrics are guaranteed to last a long time and are able to endure a heavy load and tough environments.

It should be noted that polyester isn’t as sturdy and strong as the other fabrics. However, it’s still strong and provides a great benefit with providing UV protection. Should you be carrying something very sensitive, polyester will further protect it from sun exposure.

Weather and Environmental Proof

Since we just mentioned the importance of the fabrics and materials that are involved in design and construction, let’s take it a step further.

You want to ensure that the material and fabric are weather and environmental proof. If you are outside on a daily basis, this is especially important. You will have higher chances of being exposed to the elements and your backpack needs to have the ability to withstand that and provide the protection for your life-saving equipment.


This is the most crucial of the proofing phases. Whether you will be hiking in the rain or through a deep creek or shallow river, it’s important to keep your gear safe. A waterproof backpack will protect everything from the water.

UV Protection

We have already mentioned this with the polyester material, but it’s important to add here. The sun easily fades fabric, and this can even weaken the material. Many tactical backpacks provide UV protection. Don’t undermine this detail. Not only will UV protected materials protect the bag itself, it will also protect the items in the bag.


What will you need to tote in your backpack? A great thing about tactical backpacks is that they offer more compartments than the average bag. There’s often a special place for medications, water bottles, food items, flashlights, pens and more. Think of the items that you will need to carry with you and examine the compartments of each bag. This will help you to make a decision on which backpack would work best for you.


This is a detail that many people forget about. Comfort! If you’re going to be hiking through miles of terrain, a comfortable backpack should be in your list of considerations. Observe backpacks that offer efficient padding on the backside and handles. Padding will protect your shoulders from skin irritations and provide comfort to your back.

Another thing to consider are the bags that have the waist belts in addition to the shoulder handles. These packs go a long way to helping to make your pack feel lighter as long as it fits properly.


Size is another factor that many people forget to examine. How large of a backpack are you willing to tote? How large of a backpack can you successfully carry for miles on end? Finally, how many items will you be toting in your backpack? When trying to survive the elements, it’s best to have the least amount of items necessary and the lightest. Surviving is all about preserving energy and maintaining it. Keep this in mind when considering the size that you will need. More isn’t always better as it could mean the difference between life and death. Determine the amount of items you absolutely need and calculate the needed backpack size from there.


Again, this refers back to the fabrics and materials section; however, it’s worth noting in this affect as it’s very crucial. You need a backpack that will outlast the elements and potential hits and blows. To determine the durability of a backpack, take an overall look of everything we have mentioned prior to this section. You should consider the materials, fabrics, element proofing, comfort, and size. These factors will help you to determine the potential durability of a tactical backpack.

Coupled with buying high quality, cleaning your backpack will help increase your backpack’s longevity.

Price and Budget

Finally, the when shopping for the best tactical bag, you should consider a budget. How much are you willing to spend or not spend on a bag? Don’t worry. There are many great tactical backpacks that are gentle on the wallet.

Now that we have covered the basics of finding a great tactical bag, let’s take a look at some of the best bags on the market today.

Best Tactical Backpacks

Best Overall Tactical Backpack

Seibertron Falcon Backpack

The Seibertron is our choice in the Best Overall Tactical Backpack. It has everything that you would need to survive in the wild. Equipped with many compartments and storage units, the Seibertron will hold everything that you need for your journey.

It’s water proof material ensures that your items will be protected against the water elements and high humidity. As for comfort, it has the waist and chest belts to ensure a firm attachment without causing much discomfort.

It’s available in the colors of black and beige and made from nylon materials.

Finally, it’s available for a friendly price that won’t hurt your pocketbook. For everything that you receive for the price, the Seibertron backpack is a great catch for anyone in need of a reliable tactical bag.

Best Value Tactical Backpack

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack

The Red Rock Tactical Backpack wins the award for the Best Value Tactical Backpack. Why? It offers a lot of essential qualities for a valued budget.

This reliable bag is constructed from polyester fabric. Yes, it’s not the strongest material, but it offers the highest UV protection. That’s a major plus.

The Molle design allows for many pouches and attachments that make it easy to store many small items.

As for the handles and straps, the Red Rock bag has a single strap that works for toting over the shoulder. This gives you a sturdy attachment and also provides tremendous comfort. You never have to worry about the bag falling off your shoulder during complicated movements.

Finally, it contains four main compartments to store your items and is lined with PVC material for extra durability.

Best Large Tactical Backpack

NPUSA Men’s Large Expandable Tactical Molle Hydration Backpack

The NPUSA bag wins the award for the Best Large Tactical Backpack. It’s large dimensions are as follows: 18.5 inches by 12 inches by 8.5 inches (LxWxD). It’s designed to hold more than the average tactical bag.

Equipped with the Molle strapping system, this bag is constructed from polyester fabric. (Thumbs up for the UV protection!)

The D rings allow for extra external gear to easily attach to the backpack. It also has convenient side straps for reliable compression and tightness on the load.

It comes with a handy hydration system! Inside the main compartment of the bag, there’s a bladder pocket that comes equipped with a hose and tube that passes through the top. Now that’s handy!

Finally, it has tremendous amounts of storage with four side pockets, two front pockets and one main compartment. (All compartments are designed with zippers.)

Best Tactical Backpack for Kids

Kids Coyote Tactical Combat Backpack

The award for the Best Tactical Backpack for Kids goes to the Kids Coyote Tactical Backpack. It’s important to teach your kids the basics of survival and what a great way to do so with giving them their own tactical bag!

This Trooper bag for kids is identical to the adult versions. The only difference is that it’s a smaller design. (It’s a best fit for children aged 7 and under.)

It comes with one, large compartment and five total zipped pockets and pouches.

The interior is designed with a waterproof lining. There are two mesh pockets that are convenient for bottles of water.

The shoulder straps are padded for added comfort and the backside is padded and lined with a mesh lining.

Even better? There is a hydration port that will support a small water bladder, but it’s not included with the backpack. You will have to purchase that separately.


These are important things to consider while shopping for the best tactical backpack. Always remember to examine the materials, fabrics, size, environmental proofing, comfort and durability of a backpack. If it passes all of those tests, then you’ve just found the best tactical bag for your needs.

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