Dealing with Condensation in a Bivy Sack


If you’ve spent any amount of time in a bivy sack that wasn’t particularly breathable, then you know all too well how uncomfortable and irritating condensation inside the sack can get. A lot of us spend way too long just assuming that this is one of the unavoidable aspects of a backpacking life. Let go … Read more

The Bivy Sack Buying Guide: Best Bivy Sacks

bivy sack

Named for the “bivouac” sack, bivy sacks are lightweight and easy-to-carry waterproof shelters that function as a more convenient alternative to traditional camping tents. They’re generally employed by minimalist hikers, climbers, competitive racers, backpackers, and campers, and are regularly used by foot soldiers. Bivy sacks are designed as solo shelters for outdoors enthusiasts who prefer … Read more