The Best Hunting Daypacks

external frame backpack

A successful hunter is adaptable. He or she knows that their entire collection of gear may not be accessible on every trail or in every forest, so a good daypack is vital. When preparing for a hunt, everything you need must be carried on your back. Every bit of space in your pack must be … Read more

The Best Survival Backpack

tactical backpack

There are numerous options out there that fit into the category of survival back packs. The best survival backpack is the one that meets your needs, fits your size, carries your necessities and matches your circumstances. We are tall and short, live in warm and cool climates, have larger and smaller survival kits and have … Read more

Best Ultralight Down Sleeping Bag


Ultralight backpacking has been growing in popularity over the last decade. Hikers are realizing that light weight gear allows them to enjoy their hikes more by covering more distance while not expending as much energy. The best way to cut weight is by reducing weight in what are called “the big three”. The “three” being … Read more

Best Survival Fire Starter

magnesium fire starter

No survival kit is complete without at least one type of fire starter. Fire is one of the most important elements when it comes to a survival situation, as it is beneficial in such a wide variety of necessary tasks. In some cases, the ability to create fire in any environment can mean the difference … Read more

The Best Survival Compass – A Buyer’s Guide


The Survival Compass Buyer’s Guide Many people don’t realize the importance of having a high-quality compass when it comes to survival. Most do not understand that they could be in a life or death situation, whereby the only thing that they have as a reliable survival tool is their compass. It’s often not until after … Read more

Top 3 Survival Items


There is an absurd amount of survival gear available on the market with some gear being more useful than others. But it’s not always possible to bring your full stock of survival gear with you. This article will explore the three most important items that people should always bring with them when they venture into … Read more