Do You Really Need a Sleeping Bag Liner?


There’s nothing like roughing it. And nothing says roughing it better than sleeping on the ground in your sleeping bag. However, for the best sleep while you’re out camping or backpacking, you don’t want to settle for just a sleeping bag. Aside from bringing a sleeping pad, you’ll want to make sure that a sleeping-bag … Read more

Cleaning a Sleeping Bag


According to the Outdoor Foundation’s annual camping report, the tent is the most important piece of camping gear. What is the second most important piece of gear? According to campers, it is the sleeping bag. In fact, a full 54 percent of campers said a sleeping bag is essential to the success of any camping … Read more

Best Ultralight Down Sleeping Bag


Ultralight backpacking has been growing in popularity over the last decade. Hikers are realizing that light weight gear allows them to enjoy their hikes more by covering more distance while not expending as much energy. The best way to cut weight is by reducing weight in what are called “the big three”. The “three” being … Read more