Pemmican: The Native American Super Survival Food

What Is Pemmican? The word pemmican is derived from the word pimî, meaning “fat or grease.” Pemmican itself is a concentrated combination of meat and fat that was created by Native Americans as a nutritious food that was used to boost energy. Traditional pemmican was made by cutting meat (typically whatever was available) into thin … Read more

How to Make Bread without Yeast


What Is Yeast? Yeasts are a member of the fungus kingdom and are unicellular organisms. Yeasts are most commonly known for their uses in baking and making alcohol. Most yeasts are asexual by nature, meaning that they reproduce by mitosis, or by dividing into two completely separate sets of chromosomes that are completely independent with … Read more

How to Make Beef Jerky in the Oven

jerky on a dehydrator

In an emergency situation it is critically important to have enough food to survive. Options in the wild are limited and the safety of eating something caught wildly is questionable so it is always best to come prepared. Protein is very important to consume to keep you alive and jerky is one of the easiest … Read more

How to Make Deer Jerky

Venison jerky

When deer hunting season is over and done with, many hunters end up with tons of venison that they won’t be able to get through before it spoils. Instead of throwing it out and wasting it, making deer jerky is the one of the best ways to preserve the meat (also consider making pemmican). Jerky is … Read more

Hardtack – The Ultimate Survival Food

hardtack 3

What Is Hardtack? Hardtack is essentially a hard cracker that is made from flour, salt, and water. It came about several centuries ago when proper food storage was scarce and the more durable a food was, the better. Even though it’s been around since the days of Egyptian Pharaohs, it’s more well known for its … Read more