Filtering Water with Cloth

Filtering Water Using Cloth

Water is the single most important thing for a person in a survival situation. Humans simply can’t survive more than 3-5 days without water. In a survival situation where you will be very active searching for food and water, building shelter, and looking for a way to safety, this can quickly become much less than that.

Filtering Water with Cloth

Particles in Water

Once you are fortunate enough to locate a source of water, you’ll need to be sure it’s safe. Water should be purified and filtered if possible. Drinking unsafe water can result in many different illnesses that can become life threatening in a survival situation.

Purifying Water

The easiest way to purify water is to boil it. Water should be boiled for a minimum of 3 minutes to be sure to kill all bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Boiling will also help to remove any heavy elements and chemicals.

In a pinch, you can also use sunlight to purify water.

Filtering Water

Filtering water removes particles from water. If you have found water, it may be dirty.  If the water isn’t crystal clear, there are particles.  It might be something as simple as dirt, which won’t harm you, but it could also be remains of animal feces (gross…) which have gotten into the water that you are about to drink.

Using Cloth to Filter Water

Assuming you are clothed (and I hope you are), you’ll have cloth on you. To use cloth to filter water, simple pour water through the cloth and let it drain through into your water carrying vessel.

If you only have one container in which to carry your water, scope up the water and let it dribble into the container.  Hold the container over the water source and then let the water trickle through into your container.

If you miss your container, the water will drain right back into the source.

Step 1: Gather your Cloth, Containers, and Water

Filtering Water with Cloth

Step 2: Put the Cloth over the Container

Filtering Water with Cloth

Step 3: Pour the Water over the Cloth

Filtering Water with Cloth

Step 4: Lift the Cloth and Let the Water Filter Through

Filtering Water with Cloth


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