How to Make Bread without Yeast


What Is Yeast? Yeasts are a member of the fungus kingdom and are unicellular organisms. Yeasts are most commonly known for their uses in baking and making alcohol. Most yeasts are asexual by nature, meaning that they reproduce by mitosis, or by dividing into two completely separate sets of chromosomes that are completely independent with … Read more

Best Survival Fire Starter

magnesium fire starter

No survival kit is complete without at least one type of fire starter. Fire is one of the most important elements when it comes to a survival situation, as it is beneficial in such a wide variety of necessary tasks. In some cases, the ability to create fire in any environment can mean the difference … Read more

Top 3 Survival Items


There is an absurd amount of survival gear available on the market with some gear being more useful than others. But it’s not always possible to bring your full stock of survival gear with you. This article will explore the three most important items that people should always bring with them when they venture into … Read more

Aluminum Vs. Fiberglass Tent Poles

fiberglass tent poles

Both aluminum tent poles and fiberglass tent poles will work just fine for supporting your tent.  However, there are trade-offs for each.  Within this article, we will provide pros and cons and explore the debate of aluminum vs fiberglass tent poles. Pros and Cons of Aluminum Tent Poles Aluminum poles are widely considered the pioneer … Read more

Headlamp Vs Flashlight


Headlamps and flashlights provide a mobile source of light for hikers and campers. While most people will make a fire at night, headlamps and flashlights are much brighter and can be safely taken into a tent or shelter.  Additionally, if you are on the move at night (a trip to the bathroom or night hiking), … Read more

Best Survival Flashlight


If you are considering purchasing a quality survival flashlight, there are a few things to consider while checking out the different options. Materials, size, durability, battery, bulb, and waterproofing are all key elements that survivalists will want to take note of when deciding which survival flashlight is best suited for their particular needs. Deciding to … Read more