Top 3 Survival Items

There is an absurd amount of survival gear available on the market with some gear being more useful than others. But it’s not always possible to bring your full stock of survival gear with you. This article will explore the three most important items that people should always bring with them when they venture into the wilderness.

Survival Knife

A survival knife is often referred to as the single most important tool for an outdoor survivor. Survival knives are usually small and lightweight, so that is easy to carry everywhere, and can come handy in many situations. They can be your best friend in emergency situations.

skinning knife

Importance of a Survival Knife

A survival knife is important because it is a tool with literally hundreds of functions. Here are few examples, of what we can do with this tool.

Survival knives can be easily used for trapping, cutting or slicing, skinning, digging, hammering, wood carving, splitting, first aid, self defense, shelter building, fire making, signaling, as a makeshift screwdriver, for food preparation, as hunting tools and so on.

Hunters, outdoor sports adventurer, hikers, and even military units use these knives.

Choosing the Perfect Survival Knife

There are various types of survival knives available in the market. Some are thick and heavy-bladed, other are foldable and light weight. So it is important to know few things to consider while choosing the perfect knife.


Size matters a lot. If the blade is too big, you won’t be able to detailed tasks such as carving, and if it is too small it won’t perform well for chopping. So an ideal knife size should be 9-11 inches with a blade size of 4-6 inches.  This offers the best all around use of the knife.

Fixed Blade

You may prefer folding blade, but a fixed blade is more durable as the joint in folding blades is a weak point.

folding knife

Sharp Pointed Tip

It might seem obvious, but there are knives available with blunt or straight tips, and it is advisable to avoid them and go for sharp tips for they help in hunting purposes.

Solid Pommel

The pommel is the bottom part and it should be strong as even it can be used for hammering and pounding.

Fire Starter

Another important thing to survive in the outside world is a fire starter.

Importance of a Fire Starter

Fire can be a lifesaver for more than one reason. You can cook on it.  It keeps away predators at night.  And it offers a great psychological boost to those down on their luck.

Types of Fire Starters

There are various ways and various elements that can be used as fire starters, here are few mentioned below


Pretty obvious, matches are always helpful. Though it is advisable to find waterproof matches.

Flint and Steel

The best thing to carry with you is a flint and steel. Flint and steel works as long as there is dry tinder. Best part is that the flint will throw off sparks even when it is wet.


There are several different options with lighters.  You can buy a cheap bic lighter for no more than a few bucks.  But a nice windproof Zippo can run you $50+.  Either way, lighters are wonderful as they can create and hold a flame.

bic lighterSun Ladder

Steel Wool and Battery

By touching two poles of a battery with steel wool, the wool will catch fire in the blink of an eye.

Water Filter/Purifier

Water is one of the most important things for us to survive. And while in the wilderness, it is impossible to find clean water. Yes, there are natural water sources, but they may look clean and yet contain a lot of bacteria and viruses, that can lead to various diseases. So , carrying water purifier is always necessary .

Importance of a Water Filter

Water filter or purifier is important, because drinking the available water is not safe, and going without drinking water is not an option, so the thing that makes sense, is purifying the available water and consuming it. At times, water purifiers even act as life savior , because people cannot survive without water for more than a week, and while lost in a wilderness if you can’t manage to drink water, what is the benefit of having a knife and a fire starter. So, a water filter or purifier is must too.

Types of Water Filter/ Purifier

Water Purification Straws

There are several manufacturers of survival or water purification straws, which can be easily carried and used at times of emergency.  You can drink directly out of a steam through these straws or you can filter water in the wild into a water bottle.

Water Bottle Filters

There are water bottles which are made with inbuilt filters to serve filtered water.  You fill your water bottle with “dirty” water and then drink through the filter.

Water Treatment Drops

Water treatment drops come in small bottles which contain chemicals that kill all the nasties in water.  While these are very light weight and work well, they leave an off flavor which takes some getting used to.


Chemicals like iodine, chlorine can be used too for water purification. Also, at times sand and charcoal can be used for extracting the impurities and making the water purified for drinking purpose.

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