Hiking Lightning Safety


Lightning Safety for Hikers When you are planning a hike, it is important to be prepared for the worst. While lightning strikes less than 50 people a year in the US, if you are outside your chance of being struck increases exponentially. Ideally, you should try to avoid thunderstorms before you leave for your hike. … Read more

How to Prevent Blisters when Hiking


There’s nothing quite like hiking. There’s also nothing quite like the pain of a foot full of blisters. Recovery time for particularly nasty blisters can impede your progress for a good day or two. Not to mention that it can sour a fun experience. No one likes having to deal with blisters, especially when they’re … Read more

10 Survival First Aid Tips for the Outdoorsman

Heimlich Maneuver

Venturing into the great outdoors is a favorite pastime for many people. Every year people spend their time hiking, rafting and exploring the outdoors.However, there are dangers you must look out for when having fun outside. There are a variety of problems you can run into such as insect bites, infections, sunburn, snake bites, heat … Read more