Pros and Cons of Bivy Sacks

During outdoor activity, many opt for a tent to enjoy a relaxing time in the evening. However, many skiers, hikers, or climbers are now opting for a bivy sacks, since they are prioritizing their sport over relaxing. Below we’ll analyze the pros and cons of using a these small shelters for your next adventure. Pros … Read more

What is a Bivy Sack?

A bivy sack, also known as a ‘bivouac sack’, is a lightweight weather protector for sleeping bags that shields them from inclement weather such as rain. It was first developed as a lightweight and highly compressible gear for climbing and mountaineering enthusiasts mostly for emergency purposes. As time went on, bivy sacks became a popular … Read more

Bivy Sack vs Tents

tunnel survival tent

Bivy sacks and tents are both used for camping. When going for outdoor activities, people always wonder which of these two they should take. There is no right answer, but the guidelines listed next should help you make the right decision. Bivy Sacks Pros: Are very light Are good for stealth and can be used … Read more

Hanging a Camping Hammock

dying tree

Devout tent campers may question hammock camping, but there are advantages to setting up your sleeping quarters between two trees. No rocks poking you in the back, less gear to carry, greater comfort, and, of course, easier set up. By following some basic rules, hanging your hammock can be an easy task. Choosing the Right … Read more

Best Bivy Sack for Backpacking

camo bivy sack

Are you looking for a sleeping tent that is compact, lightweight and packs up super small? If yes, the best solution for you is a bivy sack. These portable shelters were originally invented to serve adventure-seekers who wanted a lightweight and highly compressible gear. Today’s bivy sacks have evolved into closeable and breathable gear that … Read more